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Speech Therapy offered in Colorado Springs, CO

Feeding challenges in a newborn are stressful for new moms. At Newma, the team provides speech therapy to improve infant feeding. The team includes a speech therapist who is also a certified lactation counselor and understands the intricacies of breastfeeding and bottle feeding and can assist with difficulties. Call the office or schedule your speech therapy consultation online today.

Speech Therapy Q&A

What is the connection between speech therapy and feeding?

Speech therapy is a health profession that treats both communication problems and eating difficulties. Speech therapists undergo years of training to assess and manage speaking and eating disorders in people of all ages. 

Some babies have a harder time learning how to eat and swallow properly. Signs of feeding difficulties may appear during the first few days of life or later when introducing solid foods. 

Newma is a women’s health practice that provides comprehensive care for moms and their babies. Taking a holistic, naturalistic, and informational approach to care, the team includes a speech therapist that helps with newborn and infant feeding difficulties. 

My baby is not latching on. Can speech therapy help?

There are many reasons why your baby may not be latching onto your breast when breastfeeding. The team at Newma includes international board-certified lactation consultants (IBCLC) who evaluate your breastfeeding techniques and your baby’s mouth to determine the cause. 

Many issues may affect your baby’s latching ability, including lip or tongue ties, cleft palate, or facial muscle weakness. Any of these issues may benefit from speech therapy at Newma. The team may also refer you to speech therapy if your baby has reflux, breathing problems, or sensory issues. 

The speech therapist cares for babies whether they’re struggling with breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

What can I expect from speech therapy?

You can expect comprehensive and attentive speech therapy care at Newma. The specifics of your baby’s therapy depend on their needs and concerns. 

The speech therapist does a thorough initial assessment to better understand the feeding difficulty. They ask about your pregnancy and childbirth and talk about your feedings with your baby.

They also ask you to demonstrate how your baby feeds so they can observe and evaluate the feeding and swallowing. The speech therapist talks to you about your baby’s feeding difficulties and creates a treatment plan to help. 

Your speech therapy feeding plan may include changes to feeding techniques or having your baby engage in oral exercises to strengthen their oral muscles. 

Feeding challenges are stressful for new moms. For comprehensive care for you and your baby, call Newma or book an appointment online today.